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>  Sales contact :
For a quote, please contact our sales department on :

 00 33 (0)3 66 32 44 44 
or e-mail us at : 
How we work
>  Client enquiry

>  A quote is sent out within two hours

>  Quote agreed by the client

>  Final analysis of elements/planning for the project

>  Confirmation of receipt of order and delivery time and date

>  All the work is placed with experienced professionals (project manager, translator, proofreader, formatting)

>  Preparation of the project/ a translation pack is created and sent to all the professionals
      involved. This includes everything required to ensure the best quality service

>  Translation of the document by one of the priority translators for the client concerned

>  First proofread by a translator

>  Quality control: comprehensive three stage review
(quality of translation, adaptation, and editing)

>  Term bases and glossaries are updated

>  Translation is delivered with delivery note

>  Delivery note is returned, signed by the client

>  Client satisfaction questionnaire
How we work
Logo CNET + Logo EUATC
Nord Expansion is a member of C.N.E.T (Chambre Nationale des Entreprises de Traduction) and E.U.A.T.C (European Union of Associations of Translation Companies), and new Veritas certification is expected to be finalised by the end of 2010.